The retail sector faces many challenges that can impact its bottom line, reputation, and long-term sustainability. From supply chain disruptions to shifting consumer preferences, the impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt across the industry.

Climate Risks for Retail

Retail is a broad sector and faces almost every climate risk, physical or transitional. From costs of materials, to reduced footfall on the hottest days, our retail stores are more susceptible to the climate than most. RedLines data gives Retail leaders a chance to view the highest impact risks and take action where it matters most.

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Top 3 Climate Risks for Retail


Supply Chain Vulnerabilities:

Climate-related events such as extreme weather, resource scarcity, and geopolitical instability can disrupt supply chains, leading to inventory shortages, production delays, and increased costs.


Consumer Trends and Preferences:

Evolving customer attitudes towards sustainability and ethical consumption are reshaping purchasing behaviours and demand for eco-friendly products and services. 


Risk Assessment and Adaptation:

It is now important to conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify climate-related vulnerabilities and develop adaptive strategies to build resilience and ensure business continuity in the face of changing environmental conditions.

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