The manufacturing industry is at the forefront of climate change impacts, facing challenges such as resource scarcity, regulatory pressures, and the need for sustainable practices. Understanding these impacts is crucial for maintaining production efficiency, managing risks, and enhancing sustainability.

What can my Manufacturing business do?

Manufacturing is a cornerstone industry in our world. As the cost of raw materials and energy increase, along with strict regulatory compliance, the importance of knowing how these will be impacted by the climate scenarios we face could save the manufacturers millions.  


By tackling these areas of concern, manufacturing professionals can better manage the impacts of climate change and leverage opportunities for sustainable growth and resilience. For more detailed information on how climate change affects specific aspects of the manufacturing industry, contact our experts.

Top 3 Climate Risks for Manufacturing


Risk Management:

Manufacturers face various climate-related risks, including physical risks from extreme weather, transitional risks from shifting regulatory landscapes, and reputational risks from increased stakeholder expectations for sustainability. Risk managers must conduct comprehensive risk assessments, develop contingency plans, and ensure compliance with evolving environmental regulations.


Supply Chain Management:

Climate change can disrupt the supply chain by affecting the availability and cost of raw materials and transportation. Supply chain managers have to focus on diversifying suppliers, enhancing supply chain transparency, and adopting just-in-time inventory practices to improve resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate-related disruptions.


Regulatory Compliance:

Staying compliant with environmental regulations is critical for manufacturers. This includes adhering to emissions standards, waste management regulations, and sustainability reporting requirements. Ensuring compliance not only avoids legal penalties but also enhances corporate reputation and market positioning.

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