The construction industry faces unique challenges and opportunities due to climate change. Understanding these impacts is crucial for financial stability, sustainability, risk management, and supply chain resilience. 

Climate Adaptation for Construction

Construction organisations are at the forefront of physical climate impacts, as extreme weather disruptions become more frequent and consequential.

An even larger impact could be seen from those transitional risks, as material costs from timber and concrete are predicted to increase exponentially. Money construction companies are planning for carbon taxes, with the industry relying heavily on diesel vehicles and unrecycled materials.

Top 3 Climate Risks for Construction


Extreme weather disrpution

With wetter days, colder winters and the hottest summers on record for many countries, construction is already facing delays and these will only get worse from 2030 and beyond.


Cost of materials

Timber, metal, concrete and glass prices are susceptible to climate risks as production regions face their own challenges. Recycling, finding more local suppliers and undrestanding which materials face the highest price rises can be vital.


Opportunities from climate change

Construction has a huge opportunity for growth as the climate changes. New regions for projects, projects with a sustainable focus and higher public opinion for those eco-friendly buildings can be huge opportunities for a forward thinking construction company.

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